Helping organisations

increase employee

satisfaction while lowering

real estate costs


The Brave, the Devoted, the Crazy ones who get things done, who create innovative solutions and some bad office jokes.Also, your employees.


The Final Frontier, the Unknown, the Boundless three-dimensional extent in which objects and events have relative position and direction. Also, the Office.


Some of it is called Graphic, Web, Space or Workspace. And Workspace design with a human touch is what we do. Also, we do it best, if we may add 🙂 


Providing the best services in corporate real estate and workplace solutions. Connecting people, space, and design to help companies achieve a more productive work environment, space utilization, real estate cost efficiency, and smart working concept.

Case study

Case study


See how we reorganised the office according to teams and workspace activities and saved for the company hundreds of thousands euros.

Case study

Hewlett Packard Enterprise operated by Selectium

Read on and discover how intertwining people, space and design delivered more for Selectium than just cost-cutting.

Case study


Discover how the office can become a destination for gathering and retaining young talent who have replaced the conventional way of working in fixed work stations with a modern way of working from different collaborative zones.




“When we started looking for a new office space, we were also looking for the right partner to help us out with the search and, later on, setting up of the studio. DC&T proved to be an excellent partner for both goals and we were delighted with the cooperation!”

Tomislav Gojević
Head of Studio at Fury Studios

“New office space reflects our business vision and at the same time fulfil our daily requirements, so we believe our goal was achieved through DC&T partnership.”

Igor Babić
Managing Director at Hewlett Packard Enterprise operated by Selectium

“Finding and setting up a new office is a challenging process.
Thankfully we had immense help from our partners DC&T who helped us with all aspects of our new chapter – and made it into a success story.”

Ljubomir Radoš
Co-founder & CEO at Kickstage

“The need for after-COVID work strategy and renewal of our office lease contract led us to the point where we needed to reinvent ourselves and decide what strategies work best and are sustainable for our company. DC&T proved itself to be valuable strategic partner for us – on all levels.”

Lorna Luketić Mažić
HR Business Partner at AMPLEXOR International