Case study

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

operated by Selectium

When we got in touch with Hewlett-Packard Enterprise operated by Selectium (hereinafter Selectium) they were looking to optimise office costs by reducing space. We did more. Read on and discover how intertwining people, space and design delivered more for HP than just cost-cutting.

Project Success Facts

Upgrade list

Business needs

Following the organisational redesign, Selectium was looking to relocate offices because their current space was now too big for them. In addition, change in the company’s work dynamic made new facility requirements necessary in order to deliver Selectium employees the space that their needs demanded.

What we did?

SPACE: Workplace Survey & Real Estate Benchmarking

Finding the right space for a client starts with understanding not only their needs but also their preferences. In the Selectium Workplace Survey we aimed to understand employee activity in the office, what potential office locations the client would consider as well as the energy efficiency aspect they would find acceptable. An essential part of this analysis was optimal square footage as well whether the facility had the required infrastructure to fit the client’s technology.

From a thorough scan of the real estate market in search of options to deliver the value Selectium was looking for, we presented the client with a comparative analysis of potential offices that gave them insight into facility space size, ground and floor plan, rental availability and contract duration in addition to prices per square metre, parking place prices and general overheads. To get the full picture the comparative analysis also included Selectium’s current office location, thus their project team was able to make an informed decision when narrowing down the selection to three options for further benchmark analysis through which we did a deep dive, weighing the pros and cons of each space, so as to find the perfect solution to fit the client’s needs.

However, we go beyond tables and numbers in order to make sure we take into account everything needed for our clients to make the right choice. In looking for a perfect solution we keep our eyes and ears wide open because often the devil is in the detail. In the case of Selectium this was the cost of relocating their servers which amounted to a substantial figure, tipping the sensitive scale benchmark analysis set in favour of choosing to work further with their current office facilities.

“After continuous internal transformation and reorganization processes our goal was primarily to decide whether we stay in the current premises and reshuffle layout or we move to new location which will best serve our business needs. Benchmark analysis was very useful containing all relevant information based on which we were able to make our final decision how to further proceed.

– Darija Narančik, Financial Director & Project Manager
at Hewlett Packard Enterprise operated by Selectium

With office space occupancy analysis we could halve the number of permanent work tables necessary and, consequently, this significantly lowered office square footage Selectium now needed to rent

DESIGN FOR THE PEOPLE: Understanding their workflow and needs

Conversations with HP revealed that only half of current employees are full time in the office while the rest spend only a part of their time on location. On the other hand, Selectium’s current work table usage is 40%, meaning that around 20 desks were never used. Analysing office space occupancy resulted in realisation that half of the overall work tables were necessary while the remaining workstation were optimised in a 2to1 ratio.

With almost half of the employees working remotely, a new office design was required to provide opportunities for people to connect and cooperate during the time they spend together. The new ground floor included a project room and focus room to facilitate the changed work dynamic. Significant emphasis was put on facilitating leisure connections between employees, providing them with face-to-face time, vital in building relationships that virtual cooperation cannot impart.

“The new office space design has allowed us to scale our events according to event needs, as well as to provide our guests a modern experience and comfortable atmosphere for doing business upon visiting our office. As a marketing manager, i particularly enjoy the new colour palette and flexible sitting arrangements which bring a breath of fresh air into our daily business operations.”

– Sonja Canjuga, Marketing Manager
at Hewlett Packard Enterprise operated by Selectium

The office kitchen was relocated so as to provide employees the pleasure of more natural light. Additionally, Selectium employees were presented with two new spaces; an office lounge gave them a comfortable, informal area where they can work and spend leisure time together. The education area laid out a space where they can hold lectures, and discuss and exchange knowledge.

Equally important as the connection between employees is the relationship Selectium wanted to foster with its clients. Taking this into account, design of the new office anticipated a showroom where clients could see the range of solutions Selectium offers. Putting their clients’ needs and time first, the Selectium project team required DC&T plan enough meeting room so that this will never present an obstacle when clients want to talk to them in person, in parallel with reducing office space footage.

A complete meeting space that can be transformed into an education area for employees now provides flexibility in order to accommodate clients’ schedules as well as employees’ needs. A new reception area added to a good first impression.

“Our expectation was to have modern workplace concept where our employees would feel comfortable and productive, and where we can accommodate our business partners for trainings and real-life demonstrations. Overall project was technically demanding and challenging, subject to changes from initial plans therefore a lot of coordination was required between our employees, project team and DC&T.
New office space reflects our business vision and at the same time fulfil our daily requirements, so we believe our goal was achieved through DC&T partnership.”

– Igor Babić, Managing Director at
Hewlett Packard Enterprise operated by Selectium

Outcome: People. Space. Design.

By thoughtfully intertwining people’s work dynamic with space design, the Selectium project delivered an office that not only optimises their expenses but enables more efficient workflow and higher employee satisfaction. In spite of this being a big change in comparison to previous space design, Selectium employees were fast to adapt, learning how to utilise new areas and love their new office.

In only three months full employee satisfaction was achieved, while in comparison a transition of this significance would normally take anywhere from six to twelve months. This in the end is what good space and design should always aim to deliver.