Timi Kovačević

Founder & Project manager

Timi loves crunching it at the gym as well us with numbers and graphs. Always determent to find the most favourable solution for client, Timi gets down to thorough analysis of clients’ needs and real estate market delivering some powerful insights. With strong focus on managing the team and the projects, delivering results is never in question with this guy and if ever under pressure, he’ll take of the steam by taking you for a run.

In parallel, you’ll find Timi also juggling DC&T operations, resources and business strategy.

Dubravka Kovačević

Customer Relationship & Marketing Manager

You’ll recognise Dubravka from her glowing enthusiasm in which she talks about all the ways in which DC&T can help your organisation and team. Following her passion, Dubravka dared to venture into new professional domain exchanging her old job as Internal Auditor in a bank to business owner and customer relationship wizard in retail industry. And it’s the same passion, grit, and thorough organisation skills that she puts forward in order to deliver to clients value for their time and investment.

Plus, great communication skills – you can always enjoy a good coffee and lively talk with Dubravka.

Vedran Družina

Creative Director

Likes all things beautiful, black coffee and dark turtlenecks. Typical designer and a great guy. Trained architect, and a born optimist, Vedran is systematic, detail oriented and dependant on concept. He knows how to transform space into story because he hears those small things clients tell him. To bring them to life Vedran is full hand on the project from the construction site to the moving in day, making sure space has natural flow, both in functional as well as an aesthetic sense.

Freelance translator, this guy is also a part-time designer from the shadow. Though not trained, Vedran has a good eye and you’ll often see him putting it to good use.

Lea Bašnec

Interior Workplace Designer

The youngest member of the team, but not the least important. 😊 Lea is an excellent architect, just as she was a ballerina in her younger days. An architectural engineer in graduate school who is still forging her way to the stars.

A diligent girl with a wide mind, she likes to spend a lot of free time reading about the philosophy of architecture and design as well as other topics. When she’s not involved in workspace design and walking around the construction site, Lea is dedicated to art. You can meet her in the theater at an interesting screenplay, or at a painting or sculpturing course.

She loves everything young people like, such as traveling, good food, going out and black clothes, of course.

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